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  • SERVICE SUPPORT 服务与支持 Company in a professional and dedicated spirit of service, adhere to the market demand as the guide,... MORE

  • ABOUT SELONG 关于我们 China Selong Electric Co., Ltd (Zhejiang Selong Electric Co., Ltd) is located in Jiaxing industrial zone, Is the joint-stock enterprises which professionally engaged in surge protector, lightning protection... MORE

CASE AND APPLICATION CENTER 案例与应用中心 Professional construction attitude

  • National Radio Monitoring Center State radio monitoring center with advanced national radio short-wave/satellite monitoring network monitoring station has joined the ITU (Beijing international radio monitoring network), Beijing and surrounding areas of ultrashort wave radio monitoring network national radio spectrum engineering laboratory management information system, radio equipment testing laboratory and the national radio management command and dispatch center facilities such as a radio management technology. MORE



  • How does lightning come about? This morning, the 800 years of civilization at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was destroyed. We often say, "a thousand miles of embankment, the collapse of ants". Paris Notre Dame cathedral fire, the French people in the street silent, the fire is merciless MORE 

  • Lightning protection code for families and units 1. Stay inside and close the doors and Windows. In the field can not hide in the lightning protection facilities of the building, to watch, glasses and other metal items to remove, do not be close to the power supply, trees and poles to shelter from the rain. Keep your body as low as possible. MORE 

  • Building electronic information system power line SPD 1、The number of SPDS installed in the protection system is determined according to the requirements of the concept of lightning protection zone, the disturbance immunity of the protected equipment and the classification of lightning protection. 2, in LPZ0 area with LPZ1 area border should be installed SPD Ⅰ level classification experiment or type pressure limiting the SPD as a first level of protection; MORE 

  • Q A :How to arrange lightning protection engineering design and construction? _ SELONG electric :Lightning risk assessment; Direct lightning protection of structures; System grounding and equipotential connection; Lightning protection of low-voltage power supply system; Surge protection of communication system lines; Customized surge protection for special equipment

  • Q A :SELONG electric :Petrol stations belong to a category of lightning - proof buildings. Generally located in the open area of urban areas, the power supply mode is tn-s system.

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