• KM-1door switch

Basic parameters and main technical performance index

Rated voltage 230VAC+10%/-15%(applied to 90V-264V)
resistence at 25℃ 500Ω-1500Ω
frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Contact capacity 16(6)A
Electrical strength AC1250V/1min No breakdown flashover phenomenon
Insulation resistance ≥150MΩ  Damp heat test according to GB/T 2423.3, 48 hours after the wet insulation resistance is no less than 5M
Shell fire resistence

appled to UL94-V0

mechnical data Move the slider from the "0 position" to "final position" force is less than or equal to 5N; forced slide open the door, or damage the door lock force minimum force 350N

Fixed screw torque


tracking of leakage of electicity

time of lock ≥100MΩ
time of release after lock

At a temperature of 20℃, 230V voltage, 60s, minimum 35S, maximum 65s.

20 C, 230V voltage, 600s, maximum 85s.

times of reliable action 5000

Terminal specification


Environmental requirements

The products and packaging are in line with the EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU

Using the normal work conditions

Environmental temperature ranges from 5℃ to 85℃.
Altitude can not be higher than 2500 meters.
Comparative wetness should be less than ninety percents.
There is not gas,steam,chemical deposition, dust,explosive and corrosive medium to affect the insulation in the working place.
There is not serious vibration and bumping in the working place.

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